The Bank of Spain awards to cpm the construction of sports facilities

The Bank of Spain has a residence in the Tarragona town of Roda de Berà for the use and pleasure of its employees. cpm has won the public tender to rehabilitate the sports area of the aforementioned residence enabling new facilities such as swimming pools, changing rooms and tennis courts.

The project, work of NUA Architecture, will be executed in the gardens of Castillo de Berà, in the Residence of the Bank of Spain in Roda de Berà. It consists in the improvement and extension of the complex, thus creating a changing room area that will serve all the existing sports facilities of the residence. The sports complex currently consists of paddle tennis courts, sports court, fronton and tennis court.

Specifically, there will be two new swimming pools, a new building for changing rooms, bathrooms and storage, a semi-underground facilities room and a new tennis court.

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