The youth team of Cape Verde successfully finishes their participation in the World Cup MICFootball18

The 20 players of the Escola de Preparação Integral de Futebol – EPIF of Cape Verde have completed their journey through the Costa Brava after participating in the MICFootball’18 competition. The members of the team, from vulnerable and unstructured families, have obtained some very remarkable sporting results despite the great needs with which they live in their country, without training camps or anu specific sport equipment.

With the support of cpm, the EPIF team has been able to participate in this year’s MICFootball, which has been a huge experience for children and technicians who have traveled from the Cape Verdean island of Santiago to Barcelona to play against teams from all over the world. , including FC Barcelona. The prestigious sports newspaper ‘El Mundo Deportivo’ has also published an article about this that can be read in the following link.

cpm in the framework of its corporate social responsibility model supports the Escola de Preparação Integral de Futebol – EPIF of Cape Verde for the great work it does with more than 600 children in the African country, in its vast majority of unstructured families. In this sense, cpm wants to thank and value the help received from various companies and organizations that have collaborated with the logistics of the delegation and have given to the team members with sport activities and educational materials: Sercotel, Dentaid, Mundo Deportivo , Federació Catalana de Fútbol, Esport Solidari International, Just Do It and Grupo Mac-ser.

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