Barcelona recognizes cpm as a socially responsible organization

The Barcelona City Council has granted cpm a certificate in recognition of the company’s socially responsible work in labour recruitment matters and for its participation in the Làbora Program, a municipal initiative that seeks to ensure equal opportunities for the citizens of Barcelona.

The awarding of the diploma was carried out in the framework of the 3rd Networking Espai Làbora Conference which was held on Monday, May 15 in the Espai Born of the City of Barcelona. The third deputy mayor and director of the Social Rights Area of Barcelona’s City Council, Laia Ortiz Castellví, were in charge of delivering the certification to cpm.

Cpm is implementing its corporate social responsibility plan with the development of various social initiatives such as the hiring of staff at risk of social exclusion, the purchase of goods and services to special employment centers, the introduction of processes that minimize and compensate the impact Environmental impact of projects implemented and collaboration with social organizations who are working on the eradication of the social inequality.

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