cpm collaborates with the social dining room “Pa de Sant Oleguer” of the parish of Santa María Reina

Last weekend it took place in the parish of Santa María Reina de Barcelona the annual charity dinner with which funds are raised for its social dinner “Pa de Sant Oleguer”.

The event took place coinciding with the twenty-first anniversary of this social initiative that offers two daily meals every day of the year to the neediest people in their area of influence. During his welcome speech, the rector of the parish, Msgr. Jaume González-Agàpito, thanked the work of all volunteers who make possible the operation of the dining room as well as the contributions of different organizations that like cpm support the initiative with human resources, economic and material.

Every day, 150 people attend the social dinner “Pa de Sant Oleguer” and with the funds raised this weekend with the charity dinner and the solidarity market they will be able to continue doing so for the next months.

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