cpm is awarded the contract for the necessary works in the educational centers of Barcelona

The Consortium of Education of Barcelona (CEB) has awarded to cpm and nine other companies the framework contract for the execution of all the necessary works in the educational facilities of the City of Barcelona. The award amounts to € 28,800,000 for a period of two years and covers all the necessary projects to ensure the new annual schooling (construction, expansion, reform and/or adaptation of existing centers, new infrastructures and connections of modular buildings as well as works of adaptation of exterior spaces such as housing developments, enclosures, solar protections, playgrounds, etc.).

With this new award, cpm continues to expand its portfolio of long-term maintenance projects, which currently comprises, among other tasks, the painting and masonry maintenance of the modernist building of the Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona, of the municipal parking lots of BSM , of the Olympic Stadium of Montjuic and the Palau Sant Jordi or the one of painting of certain premises of the City council of Barcelona.

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