Contratas y Obras promotes a unique building of residential and commercial premises in the center of Barcelona


The CyO Business Group of which cpm is part is developing a new project called to be one of the most relevant in recent years in the center of the city, architecture work of the prestigious office of architects “Estudio Carme Pinós” and incomparable emplacement in the Plaza de la Garduña.

The construction of the new residential and commercial building, started this week, is generating great interest because of its location in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona, ​​among the streets of Carme, Hospital, Floristes de la Rambla, Jerusalem, the Market of the Boqueria and the buildings corresponding to the old Hospital of Santa Creu i de Sant Pau, closing the contest space

The project contemplates the construction of 14 houses and 1 commercial premise in a building of five floors of height that will be characterized by its unique façade and architectural line, maintaining the harmony with its surroundings; it will be an icon for the particularity of its materials and shapes. It is 1,200 m2 of buildable roof that will give the Plaza de la Garduña a new reborn together with other important new developments that are being developed in the same area and that are also the result of the work of the prestigious Carme Pinós Studio. The undergrounding of the historic open-air car park, of which CyO has 18 parking spaces, which also served as a loading and unloading area and discarded area  of the Boqueria Market, has given a second life to this unique zone of the city that it  will provide it with a new significance.


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