The City Council of Barcelona, once again recognizes the good labor practices of cpm

The ‘Làbora’ occupation promotion program of the Barcelona City Council has recognized for the second consecutive year the good socially responsible practices of cpm.

Specifically, the initiative of the City Council of Barcelona has valued very positively the advances of cpm hiring staff at risk of social exclusion in the annual networking day that today 14th May has been held in the Catalan capital.

The Làbora Program works to promote employment and brings people who are vulnerable to the labor market closer. The project facilitates that companies and entities have access to a bag of applications where they will find the person that best fits their labor contracting needs. The orientation, the training and the accompaniment that is done of each person, always following the criteria of occupation by competences, are the guarantee of their success. Lábora links the company to a program with commitment and social responsibility that offers equal opportunities to citizens.

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