cpm would participate in a socially responsible project with vulnerable families of Cape Verde

On March 27, the MIC-Mediterranean International Cup Championship will begin on the Costa Brava, an international football base tournament that is held annually and in which players between 10 and 19 years old participate. One of the 372 participating teams, that of the national team of Cape Verde, is largely made up of players from vulnerable families who have a way to overcome their difficult personal and family situation, in sports.

The organization of the Championship offers several aids to the teams with fewer resources that wish to participate but in spite of this they are not enough to fully cover the displacement of the Cape Verdean team to Catalonia, which is formed by 25 people between players and coaching staff. Therefore, cpm has contributed to the necessary resources for the trip and the registration in the tournament of this delegation within the framework of its socially responsible model that seeks to promote and disseminate solidarity, cultural and educational activities for disadvantaged groups.

In this sense, cpm has established an agreement with the Escola de Preparação Integral de Futebol – EPIF of Cap Verd, an organization that seeks to promote and respect the rights of children, the social reintegration of young people and the fight against juvenile delinquency through the promotion of sport.




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