cpm adheres to the Pact for Time Reformation

With this decision, cpm demonstrates its commitment to Objective 2025 (Objetivo 2025), which contemplates improvements in equity between men and women, health, well-being and competitiveness. In addition, Objective 2025 also includes other purposes, among others, the recovery of two hours of jet lag in relation to the rest of the world, promoting a new culture of time in organizations in favour of more efficient and more flexible models to serve the new social needs.

For this, cpm is preparing a new program to reconcile personal, family and work life, which among other benefits includes:

– To compact the workday so it could be set a more rational departure time.

– Introduce more flexible work schedules.

– Advance meal times, both lunch and dinner.

– Synchronize the schedules of companies, institutions and social and cultural aspects.

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