Two cpm projects for the Barcelona City Council, finalists in the FAD awards

Various projects executed by cpm for the Barcelona Consortium d’Educació have been finalists in the FAD 2020 Awards in the Interior Design category. Specifically, these are the painting and coating projects for the Pere IV and Pare Poveda schools, in collaboration with CBAAquidos and Saetaestudi.

The Jury has taken into account “the selection of a very large group of schools belonging to the municipal consortium, each year a group of renovation actions are carried out in the spaces aimed at attending, with extreme sensitivity, to the setting of those spaces to the education of the little ones. This is being done through a shared strategy and minimal resources based on the implementation of specific color codes for each case and space; in turn, it meritoriously runs away from the formal stereotypes of the school environment in order to achieve a magnificent balance with the pre-existence as “variations on the same theme” according to the specificity of each building. ”

The projects executed by cpm are two of the 484 works submitted this year to the prestigious FAD awards, of which 27 have finally been finalists, which is in itself a great achievement. The Jury seeks to recognize in the Interior Design category “a trend of interventions that squeeze the potential of the places beyond the established conventional limits, generating relevant contributions and amendments to the ways of living and occupying the spaces.”

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